How To Play Rocket Rumble

Overview of the Battle Screen

Overall Goal

The goal is to destroy your opponent's Ship by reducing its health to zero. You do this by installing Weapons and shooting at their Ship until it they have 0 health remaining. 


  • Power Cost - This is the amount of Power it will cost to play this card
  • Health Value - This is the amount of damage the Component can take before it is destroyed
  • Attack Value - This is the amount of damage the Weapon will deal when it fires at the Ship or at a Component

Types of Cards

  1. Weapons - Have to be installed on the Ship. Can Attack
  2. Utilities - Have to be installed on the Ship. Cannot Attack
  3. NanoTech - Are not installed on the Ship (Played like spells)

How to play a card

  1. First check that you have enough Power to play the card
  2. Drag the Card from your hand onto your Ship
  3. Drag the Card over an empty Socket
  4. Release, and the Component will be installed
  5. Weapons take 1 turn to come Online. If you have installed a Weapon wait for your next turn to fire it

How to play a Weapon or Utility card with Card Text

If the Card has Card Text, you'll need to select a target for the effect once you have selected a Socket

How to play a NanoTech Card

Simply drag the Card onto the playing area and release

If the Card requires a target, the Targeting Arc will appear

How to Fire a Weapon

Drag from an installed Weapon to the target you want to attack. You can either fire at another Component or at your opponent's Ship


If you do not destroy a targeted Component when you attack it, it will Retaliate.


To clear Components from your Ship you must Jettison them. Jettison costs 1 Power.

  1. Select a Component on your Ship by tapping it
  2. Notice the cover of the Jettison Button has opened
  3. Tap the Jettison Button

Synergistic Play

Some Cards work well with others, boosting their effect or triggering useful Card Text. Pay close attention to the Cards in your hand and the Components on your ship, and aim for synergistic play where you can!


  1. A Draw Laser is installed. Its Card Text reads 'Jettison: Draw A Card', meaning that you will draw a Card when the Draw Laser is Jettisoned
  2. A Large JettLaser is held in hand. Its Card Text reads 'On Install: Jettison a friendly target.
  3. You can install the Large JettLaser and Jettison the Draw Laser to Jettison it for free and Draw an extra Card.
  4. Synergy!

Quitting the Battle

To quit the battle tap the Quit button on the lower right of the screen.

Quitting The App

On Windows: Press Alt-F4

On Mac: Press Command-Q (-Q)

Tactics and Strategy

Each class has its own unique cards which synergise in different ways. Here's a quick overview of each class to get you started. 


The mysterious ancient class has a lot of cards which benefit from Positional Synergy. That means that you have to find the right place to install them on your ship. Some of the Ancients cards will buff other cards if they are placed next to each other.


The sneaky Smugglers. They are constantly being chased by the Enforcers so they have learned to benefit from Jettison to get rid of incriminating cargo. Smugglers use a lot of Jettison synergy to inflict damage and to draw cards.


The law around these parts. The Enforcers have access to the latest tech to try and keep space free from crime. They are the only class to use Shields and they can even confiscate their enemy's components