Rocket Rumble updated - Online Community Launched!

Howdy Rumblers!

Rocket Rumble has been updated, and it’s a good one!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our online community with our in-game Rocket Rumble forums! Here you can discuss Rocket Rumble with other Rumblers and share your own pictures and videos of the game. We also love hearing your thoughts, so be sure to drop by and get involved. Just tap the speech bubble button on the Rumble screen to open the in-game forums and get posting!



We’re also officially launching our new video series, Rocket Rumble Rundown! Hosted by our very own Dex Hazard, we’ll be bringing you tips, tricks and strategies to help you become a true Rocket Rumble master! Follow us on YouTube for the latest releases, and head to the forum to discuss each episode.

Dex Hazard's Rocket Rumble Rundown!

Dex Hazard's Rocket Rumble Rundown!

And finally, as always, we’ve also implemented a heap of bug fixes and general improvements to the game. We know some of you have been experiencing issues with lag, so we’ve worked hard on improving that for this update, as well as improving the communication when there is an issue. We really appreciate your patience while we work on this, and rest assured we are doing everything we can to make it even better!

Happy Rumbling!