Small Jelly at Unite Europe 2016 - Prototype To Polish: Developing And Juicing With Playmaker


In June I was lucky enough to attend Unite Europe, the official Unity conference, for the first time. Held in Amsterdam, it spanned three days and hosted hundreds of developers from all over Europe. Each day featured dozens of great talks covering a huge variety of topics, from development retrospectives to technical deep-dives, tips and tricks, Q&A panels and introductory overviews. The quality of the speakers was fantastic, and the event was brilliantly organised. Being surrounded by so many passionate, talented developers was really inspiring. If you can manage to get to a Unite, whether Europe or local to you, I highly recommend it. 

Unite Europe 2016 in Amsterdam

Unite Europe 2016 in Amsterdam

As mentioned in a previous blog, I was there to give a talk on how we used Playmaker for Rocket Rumble. Titled Prototype To Polish: Developing and Juicing with Playmaker, the talk gives an introduction to visual scripting and PlayMaker, and explains how we use PlayMaker extensively, starting with our prototype phase and throughout our development and polish phases. Unity have just uploaded the video to YouTube so please do check it out! You can of course leave any comments or questions on the video and I’ll get back to you, or hit us up on Twitter, either through @SmallJellyGames, or me directly @Poxican.

Prototype To Polish: Developing and Juicing With Playmaker

Learn how incorporating visual scripting into your development process can empower your designers and ease the pressure on your coders at every step of development, from building advanced, robust prototypes of every aspect of the game, through to adding that all important juice and final polish to the end product.