Introducing Rocket Rumble!

Hi there, welcome to the Rocket Rumble development blog!

Small Jelly's New game: Rocket Rumble!

Small Jelly's New game: Rocket Rumble!

Rocket Rumble is an online, multiplayer collectible card game, set in our own unique vision of outer space. You’ll explore star systems, collect cards, customise your deck, pilot cool ships, then go into battle against other players online.

In battle, you’ll install weapons, shields and buffs onto your ship and engage the enemy! To win, you’ll need to employ clever strategies and tactical thinking.

Over the coming months we’ll be be keeping you up to date with frequent blog posts. We’ll reveal the exciting mechanics you can expect to see, and detailing just what goes into developing a game, covering every aspect from designing gameplay mechanics to creating fantastic art to building the complex systems required to run it all and everything in between.

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