Rocket Rumble Updated - A Bit of Character

Howdy Rumblers!

We've released another update to Rocket Rumble! This time we've focused on improving the look and feel of the game's menus. We've changed the layout to make it clearer and easier to use, and added a few new features. We think it looks a lot better too.

Main Menu

You may also notice a few new characters onboard the SS Tortuga. There's JUFF the surly shopkeeper:


Name: Juff Krumbl
Species: Manateen
Age: 42

Juff is the nephew of vending machine supremo Krad Krumbl (founder of the Stuff-U empire).

Krad Krumbl transferred his consciousness to the Stuff-U vending machine network in 9178 to add a personal touch to all points of sale. His body was destroyed 6 months later in an unexplained freezer fire. Unable to physically man the company’s one remaining store aboard the SS Tortuga, Krad delegated the role to his only living relative, Juff Krumbl.

Juff has failed to return a profit for 23 consecutive years.

Rocket Rumble's best-loved sports promoter, DEX HAZARD:


Stage Name: Dex Hazard
Real Name: Untypeable
Species: Khalline
Age: 12

Dex Hazard is a sports promoter, entrepreneur and entertainer. In his early career, he presented several popular quadcasts, including 'The Hazard Report' (9197-9198), 'Dex on Display' (9198-9200), and short-lived late-night sports show 'Dex’s Midnight Rumblers' (9199).

His current show, 'Dex Dares', is designed to promote the sport of Rocket Rumble by offering prizes to pilots who meet specific showboating performance targets.

The pilots have been given an animated makeover too! Here's the new-look WYVOX:


We've added in online LEADERBOARDS, so you can keep track of your progress against other Rocket Rumblers all over the world!


And, as always, we’ve also implemented lots more bug fixes and general improvements to the game.

Happy Rumbling!